For the Sake of Who?

Today we will be in 2nd Samuel 5:11-25. God tells David that He has done what He has done for the sake of Israel. He gave David the ability to become a great man. Even though David failed he would Read more

Get A Grip

Today we will be in 2nd Samuel Chapter 5:1-10. We see in this chapter that all of Israel comes to David. why do they all of a sudden have a change of heart? They have nowhere else to go. Saul is dead, Read more

Caught Sleeping

Today we will look at a man named Ishbosheth, Saul’s last son to the throne. In our text he is caught sleeping in the middle of the day. It wasn’t uncommon to take naps, but as king, he should have Read more


Glad to be back, but sad to leave family in Texas. Today we will be in 2nd Samuel 3 looking at the two different characters, David and Joab. Their family, but so different. We see David forgive and want peace Read more

Where Is God In All This?

Today we will be in 2nd Samuel 3. The title of this message is, “Where is God in all this?” Have you ever asked that question? So many times in life we find ourselves in situations that we never intended Read more