The Unjust Steward

Hope everyone had a blessed week. Today we will be in Luke 16 looking at The Unjust Steward. Jesus seems to be condoning this steward being unjust but He is not. What Jesus is commending him on is his shrewdness, Read more

The Unforgiving Servant

This morning we will be looking at forgiveness. In Matt 18 we get a picture of God’s forgiveness toward us and how we should be forgiving toward others. Is there someone in your life that you haven’t forgiven and its Read more

The good Samaritan

Today we will be in Luke 10:25-37 looking at the good Samaritan. It’s a great time of year to be a good Samaritan. Many people at this time get depressed and we have the solution to any problem. In the Read more

Laborers in the vineyard

Today we will be in Matt 20 looking at the laborers in the vineyard. Jesus once again starts off with what the kingdom of God is like. So here we see laborers working for the same master. Some come in Read more

Parable of the talents

Today we will be looking at the parable of the talents. Jesus is giving us an example of what God has done. He left to go back to heaven and gave each and every person a talent. What is a Read more