Today we will be in Matt 20 looking at the laborers in the vineyard. Jesus once again starts off with what the kingdom of God is like. So here we see laborers working for the same master. Some come in at the end of the day and they receive the same wage as those who worked all day. We can draw a few conclusions from this passage. We can look at it as the beginning of the church until the end, or the generation that we are in, the first to the last. But I believe what we should get out of this passage is that it’s not about how much time you put in, it’s the quality of the time and our heart in the work! We have some in the church who are legalistic and want a reward for how good they have been. And we have those who are like Mary and sit at the Lord’s feet and pour out their heart. All are believers, but some are looking at it differently. To sum it up, we should just be thankful that God has allowed us in. Amen.