All I can say is we need to get our eyes off this crazy world and set our sights on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
Today we will be in Luke 14. Jesus has been invited to a dinner by a Pharisee and Jesus begins to say what it means to follow God. Jesus lays out a picture of His disciple and what it takes to be one. There is a difference between a disciple and a Christian. You can be a Christian and never be a disciple. In other words, a learner of Christ. Jesus makes this clear in Luke 14:25-35, that if you want to be a disciple you need to count the cost. Following Christ closely will be a hard task. Look at Paul in 2nd Corinthians 11. But our Lord tells us very clearly in Matthew 19:29 you will be rewarded. But let’s make it clear, Jesus is not saying that we are to hate our families. However, in comparison to our love for Him it will be as hate. God tells us to love. So, what our Lord is saying is, you must be willing to give up your life to follow after God’s will. Are you?