Forgiving People

Greetings family Today we examine a characteristic that should be found in all Christians. We are all called to forgive, and some circumstances can be hard, but our lord wants us to be a forgiving people. We look at Philemon Read more

The choices we make

Good morning church. Today we will finish our study in 2nd Samuel and what a blessing it’s been. Looking at the life of King David, his victories and failures. At the end of this book David makes one final mistake Read more

A Way That Seems Right

Good morning church. In 2nd Samuel 24 we see David make a big mistake. In numbering the people David is being proud and not trusting the Lord. God, in chapter 18, has David number the people but that is for Read more

David’s Mighty Men

Today we are looking at the mighty men of David. In all these names and people, I believe we have a common thread. Yes, they were tough guys and the last one mentioned is Uriah the Hittite. The faithful servant Read more

Happy Resurrection Day

Happy Resurrection Day Today we will be in Luke 24:1-12. In the passage before us we see the ladies bringing spices and oil to anoint a dead body. There is no doubt that their hearts were right, but I feel Read more