King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Good morning church, Today we will be looking at Micah 5:1-3. We have been looking at what was going on at the time of the writings of the birth of Christ. Last week we looked at Isaiah 7 and the Read more

The Background Around Isaiah 7:14

Good morning saints, This is such an awesome time of year. Knowing that right after thanksgiving we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus. Today I want to look at what was going on at the time of the writing Read more

Runaway Slave

Good morning church. Today we will finish the book of Philemon Lord willing. Paul is writing this letter to Philemon for Onisimus Philemon’s slave. What has happened is Onisimus ran away, and it appears that he stole some money in Read more

Serving Together

Good morning church, As I began to read Philemon, I noticed Paul speaking to a family who served together. The book of Philemon is really Paul writing a personnel letter to a friend to patch up a relationship. But at Read more

Avoid, Reject, and Protect

Good morning church, Today we will finish the little book of Titus. What a great little book it is. This book really tells us how to be a good Christian and how it affects those around us. This last part Read more