Beware, Beware, Beware

Good morning church, As we look at the book of Philippians, we see Paul speaking of service to Jesus and that our righteousness is from Jesus and only Jesus. Paul warns the Philippian church of legalism and how at one Read more

My Reasonable Service

Good morning church, Today we will continue with service, Our reasonable service. We didn’t get a chance to look at Timothy and Epaphroditus the way I would have liked so today we will look at what makes them stand out Read more

Serving Others

Good morning my brothers and sisters, Today we will look at how 3 men follow the lead that Jesus left in Matt 9. Paul, Timothy and Epaphroditus all have decided to follow Jesus. In these few verses Paul say’s there Read more

Humility That Leads to Exaltation

Good morning church. Today we will continue through Philippians 2. Paul has talked of the humility of Christ and now talks of how Christ has been exalted in V 9-11. The Bible teaches that we also will be exalted if Read more

Humility in Action

Good morning brothers and sisters. Today we will be looking at what it takes to have a healthy church. Paul talks about encouragement, comfort, fellowship of the Spirit, and affection and mercy. My question is, how can we do this? Read more