Good morning church.
Today we will be in 2nd Samuel 14. The dust has settled from the murder of Amnon and Absalom has been in Geshur for some 3 years. Joab has noticed David missing Absalom and works out a deal to trap David into bringing Absalom back to Jerusalem. The problem is Absalom hasn’t repented of the murder and David hasn’t dealt with all the things that have happened in his family. When we do nothing, as our children do wrong, we can expect bad results and that is exactly what will happen with David and his family. He did nothing about Amnon raping Tamar. He did nothing about Absalom killing Amnon. And as Absalom comes back he will not discipline him. When we allow sin in our home or in our heart to go on, we can expect to reap corruption. Let’s learn a lesson from a great man who is being chastised for his lack of leadership in his family. Let’s be like Joshua when he said, “As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.”