The Ranch is located in Perris California, situated on two acres of land which was, at one time, an actual working ranch. The facility accommodates up to 20 men, all under the leadership of Free Indeed Christian Fellowship.

The Ranch is a facility who’s primary purpose is to restore men who have difficulties in addictions to alcohol and/or drug abuse. Reconciliation, acceptance, forgiveness, and restoration are our aim and intention.

The 1st and 2nd phase of the program consists of a 6 month commitment. The 1st phase running three months in which initial recovery is brought about through a time of focusing yourself into the Christian environment.  Bringing about discovery of where the problems really are, and teaching ways of understanding how to achieve freedom from problems that were previously defeating you.  The 2nd phase, the next three months, are centered on a continued Christian practices and also a re-introduction to society, possible continuing education, and the employment environment.

Please download and print the ranch application, then fax it in to us at (951) 943-3471 or Fill out online:


God bless you and yours.