Free Indeed Men’s Discipleship Ranch is a Bible centered 6 month program bringing men a new option in life.  Men from all walks of life enter into an environment where they can concentrate on their spiritual side, a side often left behind for many reasons while dealing with everyday living.  Some are dealing with problems from gambling to drug addiction, while others simply need time away with Christ to discover the purpose God has for their life. Whatever the reason, many have found healing for themselves, and for their loved ones.  Families destined for separation or divorce, children separated from their parents because of parental behavior, and men on a freight train to prison have found freedom and reconciliation.  Men who might once have been a burden on their families because of something they couldn’t control have found strength in Christ to not only overcome their weaknesses, but become strong men of God leading healthy productive lives.  Having discovered the real joy, peace, and contentment that comes with a life centered on Christian ethics. What a feeling it is to regain your families respect!

Gentlemen, if this is what you are looking for, then stop chasing that rainbow and contact the ranch today to see if an available bed might just have your name on it.  Many men have found freedom here, myself included.  I have been where you are, you can count on that… drugs, prison, violence, and all the rest of that stuff that never got me anywhere.  The same stuff you’re sick and tired of right now.  God called me to this place back in 2003 and I’ve been serving Him ever since, and what a pleasure that has been! I see men like myself delivered from things that controlled them for years… decades even.  Don’t think that you are too far gone, don”t let the Devil trick you into believing you are just a waste of time.  God has so much more than that for you!

Contact the Ranch today, and lets discuss your future, instead of worrying about your past! Simply download and print the men’s ranch application file and fax it to us at (951) 943-3471 or Fill out online:


(951) 943-5159 or fax (951) 943-3471

Zach Mulinax
Program Director