Dear Father God

Pray for healing for Pastor Mark

Pray for healing of c.m.m

We lift our country up to you and our leaders, that their eyes and their hearts will be open to you Lord, that more and more people in this world will come to know you Lord, that you give our leaders wisdom. We pray this in your son’s name amen.

Pray that all the complaining will stop. The message on June 24th was about that very thing. if you were not in church that day please get a copy of it and hear the word John 7:1-53.

We also pray for all the pastors of the church Lord, that you will guide them and keep them safe Lord, and their families.

We would like to lift the motorcycle ministry up to you Lord, help us, Lord, guide us, and teach us. We are servants for you Lord. We love you and praise you, Lord.

Thank you again for this day and days to come.

We pray for healing of the whole church at Free Indeed Christian Fellowship, Lord, there are so many people hurting. I pray you just put your healing arms around all of us, Lord. You are the almighty father, creator of all things we give all the glory and honor to you Lord. In Jesus name I pray.

If anyone would like to add to prayer list please call Mary R @ 951-236-1147