Pastor Zachary’s Biography

Born in Long beach, Ca but raised in the wonderful City of Orange most of my childhood. I was born to Robert and Mary on May 26, 1976. I am the last of three sons. My brothers Bobby and Justin did a lot of the raising as my mother was away working two jobs in the absence of my father. Graduating from Richland High School in 1995 I attempted to do something my brothers did not do. I joined the United States Navy right out of high school. I found myself at 19 years in the Persian Gulf on board a naval ship and it was quite an experience. From Nov 1995 to May of 2001 I honorably served my country and I am thankful I had the opportunity to do so. Although was I discharged honorably, I developed a love affair with alcohol that progressed upon my discharge from service.

In that love affair I can recall my older brother Bobby sharing Christ with me on and off at times. Unresponsive, I found myself landing in the correctional system of Orange County from time to time and finally for a long stretch in 2007. Again my brother was there to share the love of Christ with me and I remained unresponsive. Upon release from custody later in the year, I went back to what I loved and found myself getting worse and worse. The devil had a firm grip on me and he was using alcohol to kill me slowly. In late Oct of 2007 I reached out to my brother and he drove me to the Free Indeed Men’s Ranch in Perris, Ca. Although I was fully weirded out by the people, I knew I didn’t want to drink any more. Going back to court about 30 days in the program I then was takin back into custody. Through that time of incarceration I really felt the Lord revealing to me that I need to get serious about serving Him.

A walk with Christ is serious and it got more serious for me in 2011 when I was asked to become director of the men’s discipleship home. Accepting the position enabled me to show the love of Christ that was shown to me to other men who have fallen to the wiles of the enemy. Two years later I graduated from a secular college to become a substance abuse counselor but the Lord had other plans. In my internship I began to work with troubled teens who struggle with substance abuse. Developing a love for kids, I began to teach kids at our church and the love for God’s children became stronger in my life. Fleeing from the call and feeling inadequate for the position of a pastor through study, prayer and counsel I realized the lord does not call the equipped, He equips the called.