Glad to be back, but sad to leave family in Texas.
Today we will be in 2nd Samuel 3 looking at the two different characters, David and Joab. Their family, but so different. We see David forgive and want peace and we see Joab not forgive and have murder in his heart. It’s amazing how from the same parents we can get such different people but it all boils down to we are unique. We all have different DNA, but we have all been made with the ability to know right from wrong. David was a man who wanted to do the right thing and Joab could care less. At the end of this chapter we see a funeral for Abner. Joab killed him in retaliation for his brother. What are you holding on to that is eating you up inside? Let it go or it will turn to bitterness and then hate. God is only a prayer away. Give all your burdens to Him and He will give you the peace that surpasses all understanding.