Today we will be in 2nd Samuel 3. The title of this message is, “Where is God in all this?” Have you ever asked that question? So many times in life we find ourselves in situations that we never intended to get into. Just because David has six kids from six different mothers does not mean that God is pleased with it. In fact, as we go through this book we will see that King David pays dearly for his disobedience to God. Where is God in all this? He is always just a prayer away. We see that David is growing stronger as Saul’s house grows weaker. But David’s house is not doing well, even though he is. It’s amazing how a man of God can be doing so good, reading his word, praying, witnessing, and his family can be falling apart. That’s what we see here in 2nd Samuel. Men, take care of your home first by reading the bible with them, praying with them, and you will have a family growing stronger and stronger.