Psalm 7:10

Daily Devotion Psalm 7:10 Good Friday morning everyone. I am really enjoying going through the psalms and I hope you are too. Our devotion today is in Psalm 7:10 which […]

Psalm 6:2

Daily Devotion Psalm 6:2 Good morning to all and I pray you have a blessed day. I slept great last night, thanks for the prayers. Our devotion is in Psalm […]

Psalm 5:3

Daily Devotion Psalm 5:3 Good good morning, I’m up late because I just can’t sleep so I decided to do the devotion way early. Sending out love from the great […]

Psalm 4:1

Daily Devotion Psalm 4:1 Good morning everybody. Thank you Lord for your tender mercies which endure forever. Our devotion is in Psalm 4:1 which says, HEAR me when I call, […]

Psalm 3:1

Daily Devotion Psalm 3:1 Good good morning to all and I pray you have a blessed Monday. Our devotion today is in Psalm 3:1, LORD how they have increased who […]

Psalm 2:1

Daily Devotion Psalm 2:1 Happy Friday to everyone. I’ve decided to go through the book of Psalms and take a verse from each chapter and the longer chapters we will […]

Psalm 1:3

Daily Devotion Psalm 1:3 Good morning to everyone and have a blessed day. Our verse today is, Psalm 1:3 which says, He shall be like a tree Planted by the […]

Shelter me

Daily Devotion Shelter me Good morning everyone, The older I get, the more I realize how much I need God in my life. Today’s devotion is called,” Shelter me ” […]

High time we went

Daily Devotion High time we went Happy Tuesday and a late happy birthday to Pastor Tom. Our devotion is called, ” High Time we went ” Luke 17: 26 and […]

When the night comes

Daily Devotion When the night comes Good morning everyone. Please pray for Pastor Raul Ries and family, his wife Sharon graduated into glory May 5th, yesterday. pray for comfort. Our […]